Saturday, September 13, 2014

yarn, purses, movies and dehydrating!

So what was happening on the pople Backyard Farm last year?

Here is a vintage post from last Sept. 2013

 I haven't snapped a picture of the purse I made yet for all you but I did finish one today. 

  I was making a hat from some yarn that was really soft and realized there wasn't even enough yarn to make a hat so I had 3 skeins all different colors and said instead of taking this apart why not make a small rug with all of this, it was still too small and it ended up making a very cute little purse.  If you like to crochet you can see that you can make a simple purse just by crocheting a square folding it over and adding handles. TA DA!


More dehydrating here.. I ended up dehydrating a ORANGE watermelon and a pink one and a few tomatoes today. Still more foods to put up and we were going to go shopping to pick up some more fruits and veggie this week so I was a little relieved to that we are skipping this week which will give me some time to catch up on some housework etc.. 

As I am working here I am also busy watching movies as Momma is coming for a visit soon and I like to go through Netflix to find some good ones before Momma gets here so I don't have to hunt for them while she is here. So far I picked out 2 ..
and the other one is 

I live with my husband and son so it is nice to watch a "Chickflick" once in awhile 

If you have a great movie to recommend that is on please tweet me @R47R something family friendly my mom and I can watch with the guys. 

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